CPMovers Employment Application

Phone: 905 921 2407 Email: cpmovers7@gmail.com We believe that our people are the most valuable asset in our business. CPmovers strives to be an employer of choice and believes our business would not be where it is today if we did not invest in the people who are responsible for delivering superior service experiences to our clients. We support our people to help them realise their full potential by offering a challenging work environment, on-the-job development, and formal training and education. We actively assist our people to develop their careers by offering the opportunity of internal transfers and promotions. CPmovers invites you to join our team. To find out more information or forward your resume, please contact us via cpmovers7@gmail.com or visit our website at www.cpmovers.ca .

Applicant Information

Experience and References

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Give names and contact information of three (3) persons having knowledge of your character, experience, and ability.

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Personal Information and Authorization


Have you been arrested and/or convicted of any of the following:
A sex related crime?
A crime involving criminal activity connected with drugs or alcoholic beverages?
A crime involving violence or threat of violence?
Have you ever been arrested, or are under investigation for, a crime involving criminal activity for which there has not yet been a trial, acquittal, dismissal, diversion, conviction, or other disposition?


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